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Christianne Oliveira will interpret Geralda in the feature film Red Sin

Christianne Oliveira is an actress, model and voice over artist, she was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Her career took off when she moved to London over 20 years ago. She started her career by being part of a theatre group in Rio developing plays for children. In London she befriended an actor when filming for a commercial in Spain who introduced her to his agent, during that time she was also doing her acting school, however, half way through her course she landed one of the leading roles in a new soap opera for the ITV television (a well known channel in London) called Night and Day and the soap went on to be very popular for over year. That was the beginning of an exciting career starring in films and TV dramas for the BBC, SKY, RTE ( Ireland ) Belgian and more. Productions such as the features Chocolate (Johnny Depp) and Billionaire Ransom; the BBC series: Silk. Moses Jones (Matt Smith from Dr. Who) EastEnders, and more.

She’s currently on the new production of The Great, Starring Nicolas Holt and Elle Fanning, a new TV séries written by Tony McNamara (who also wrote The Favourite’s feature film starring the Oscar winner for best actress Olivia Colman) for Hulu channel. 
On this production of Pecado Vermelho (Red Sin) a film written by Macximo Bóssimo and directed by Bellamir Freire, Christianne plays the exciting role of Geralda a women that is in touch with her sexuality, she’s fiery and passionate and has a passionate affair with the womaniser Sr. Mendes, father of Pedro (starred by the wonderful Pedro Pauleey the protagonist of Pecado Vermelho), played by the fabulous Hugo Gross.
Geralda will fight for her position as Sr Mende’s lover a rather territorial women even though she’s the housekeeper and he is married to the volatile, passionate and strong character of Dona Marcia starred by the brilliant Taty Godoi, she won’t stop at nothing to get what she wants.  She reveals the true character of Sr Mendes and like many other characters throughout the film is protected by the Gypsy Maria Quitéria which incorporate sensuality, no nonsense views and emanates energy, one of many Gypsies coming to guide Pedro’s journeys in search to his true self such as the Gypsy of the roads played by the fabulous Luisa Lopes
The film is a suspense with a pinch of humour and touches on many issues such as child violence, sexuality, homosexuality, race and most specially spirituality brought by the roots of African traditions adapted by the own Brazilian religiosity. 
It will be a film that I hope will hold your attention from beginning to end.
It was absolutely wonderful to make part of this amazing Independent production, even though it had such a limited budge to work with it was done well and with love, collectively with the help and collaboration of the actors and production themselves without them it wouldn’t had been possible to bring the film to life as well as edited by the brilliant Elias Lima and most importantly of all thanks to the determination and tenacity of Mácximo Bóssimo that this film was actually able to get where it is now. 
Let’s hope it receives the recognition it deserves.

The links below will allow you to have a glimpse of Christianne’s work. 


CHAMPIONSHIP by Dilson Cavalcanti

50th YEARS OF THE TRI COPA MEXICO 70 CHAMPIONSHIP by Dilson Cavalcanti. On June 21, 2020, Brazil celebrates 50 years of the conquest of the Tri World Soccer Championship of Mexico 70.

As this historic moment for world football, the artist Dilson Cavalcanti projected his tribute in a work printed on canvas, bringing as background his original work, but with the shirt of the Brazilian team at that time stamping his categorical art. The COPA MEXICO 70 CHAMPIONSHIP was a milestone for politics, economics and the opening of democratic concepts, capitalism, very modern social, together with technological development in all areas of industry, agriculture, fashion, communication. Brazilian football was important for the development of South America in its entirety, so the artist Dilson Cavalcanti, was inspired by the theme and celebrates the CINQUENTENNIAL OF THE TRI WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF COPA MEXICO 70.


CHAMPIONSHIP by Dilson Cavalcanti

The Artist

Is a Fine Art  based in São Paulo

Recognized by the abstract art, the fine art has his works at Frankfurt (Germany), Alicante (Spain) and Bordering (USA).
Intuitively started his career  almost 12 years and it brings in his DNA the talent and passion for the art.
The artist who always liked of abstract art, the form of composing colors and lines , expressing through them, emotions and perceptions.

In the beginning of your  activity like fine art - Dilson Cavalcanti, who is a businessman at São Paulo capital, wore a paintbrushit , canvas and acrylic, and,  passing of time conquered new experiences, acquired and discovered new techniques, through studies and researches together with  the artist and art teacher Rubens Pontes.

In its trajectory, the artist always showed his personality  through his works. Through of acrylic on canvas, Dílson Cavalcanti looked for new bases like paperboard , cardboard  and Paraná paper as well as techniques with spatula and painting on washed base. The result is a fluid work, with transparent colors, rich appearance and shocking.

Toda Alma é Raiz ”project created by journalist Leo Felipe"
“Toda Alma é Raiz” project created by journalist Leo Felipe. The photographic project 
created by photographer and journalist Leo felipe records the beauty and daily life of black
 people in Minas Gerais.
Leo felipe is from Mogi Guacu - SP and currently residing in the
 south of Minas Gerais in the city of Pocos de Caldas. 
The project soon gained prominence for speaking without fear that
 black people are not used to being photographed.
“Toda Alma é Raiz was born from the desire to highlight the beauty of
 black people and register their daily lives. Many black people are not used to being 
photographed, especially older ones. 
This is due to the time when analog camera films were not suitable, much less designed to
 photograph darker skin tones. Consequently, black people did not appear in the photos,
 affecting their stories and their self-esteem.

Even today we see cases where photographers find it difficult to match the real skin tone of black people, and sometimes leaving them grayish. So, I want to change that. That is, show our beauty through documentary photography. Capture the smile of these people, the sensitivity in expressive, lost looks, portray humility, as well as innocence. Watch the pain in a simple gesture and turn it into art. Tell the story of the person portrayed thousands of times; making them alive forever is what makes me happy ”says Leo Felipe. “TODA ALMA É RAIZ” PROJECT CREATED BY JOURNALIST LEO FELIPE.
"Toda Alma é Raiz" project created by journalist Leo Felipe “Toda Alma é Raiz” project created by journalist Leo Felipe “My work is certainly political. As Nina Simone would say: “How can I not reflect time?”. It is remain silent, therefore, you allow the oppressor to continue to oppress. extremely crucial that the artist reflects the moment through art. If you with my ancestry. I always feel it when I'm photographing people. As if I could Therefore, the basis of everything in the photos is the Root, which I associate @leofelipefotografia Photo: Disclosure / Personal Archive Source: Denny Silva see their soul through the lens and also their roots and ancestry ”, he adds.
To learn more about this wonderful work visit: @todaalmaeraiz and or @leofelipefotografia
Photo: Disclosure / Personal Archive
Source: Denny Silva

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