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Trade Show

Chem Show

  •  31 Oct-02 Nov 2017
  •  Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New YorkUSA
  • The Chem Show is a well acclaimed event that has been alarming visitors with the massive presence of heating and cooling systems, filters and driers, dry materials, gaseous materials and other related products and substances. The event aims to bridge the gap between the buyers and sellers and provide them an interactive platform where they can foster business deals, by means of networking and direct interaction. With latest equipments and solutions, the show has been quite an appealing one to all the attendees.

Whole Bead Show New York

20 - 22 Oct 2017 | New York, United States Of America

New York Fall 2017

October 20-22, 2017
Friday & Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 11am-5pm

NAB New York

18 - 19 Oct 2017 | New York, United States Of America


The conference will kick off with a keynote conversation with Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for FOX Television Stations Joe Dorrego, led by Managing Director of Equity Research for Jefferies, LLC John Janedis. Dorrego, who oversees all financial functions for the station group, will address financial factors and industry trends affecting the television business, such as advertising and retransmission consent revenue, changing video consumption behavior, potential new revenue streams, and Wall Street’s perception of the television business.
“NAB Show New York’s proximity to Wall Street and its focus on media and technology uniquely positions the event to provide a deep dive into factors that are impacting business decisions and the financial state of the industry,” said NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith. “This new conference will undoubtedly provide attendees with insight and information they can take to the bank and use to manage their investments.”

NAB New York is a 2 day event being held from 18th October to 19th October 2017 at the Javits Convention Center in New York, United States Of America. This event showcases products like full range of next-generation technology for media and entertainment professionals etc.
NAB Show New York


  •  31 Oct-02 Nov 2017
  •  Sands Expo & Convention Center, Las VegasUSA

Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) is a 3 day event being held from 31st October to 2nd November 2017 in Las Vegas, United States Of America. For more than 25 years, AAPEX Show has been the premier global event representing the $328.2 billion global aftermarket auto parts industry. Located at the majestic Sands Expo, AAPEX will feature over 2,200 automotive aftermarket manufacturers and suppliers showcasing innovative products, services and technologies to 44,000+ targeted buyers. AAPEX is co-owned by the Auto Care Association and the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA), the light vehicle aftermarket division of the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA). This event showcases products like automotive lighting systems, sound moderators, cooling systems, Friction and Brake circuits, Engine and Transmission parts, Gear systems, Automotive Hand tools etc. in the Business Services industry.

Organizing for Action

Here are a few things I think we can all agree on:
  1. It's good when we have cleaner air.
  2. It's good when, because of that cleaner air, we see real health benefits -- like fewer asthma attacks for the 6.3 million American kids who suffer.
  3. It's good when we can get that cleaner air in a way that actually saves families money -- often thousands of dollars per year.
The best part? These aren't hypotheticals: They're happening, right now, thanks to the tailpipe pollution standards for cars that the Obama administration put in place in 2011.

Here's one more statement I think you'll agree with: It makes no sense for the White House to threaten this progress, and we have to say so.

These standards are working -- a comprehensive review just last year showed us exactly that. Our air is cleaner, people are healthier, our cars go farther on a gallon of gas, and families' hard-earned money goes further at the pump ... even the auto industry agreed to the plan, and is adhering to it.

But out of nowhere, the White House has demanded a "review" of these successful standards. It's nothing more than an excuse to pave the way for weakening them, which doesn't help anyone but big polluters and their lobbyists in Washington, DC.

We can't let it happen -- and we have a week, starting today, to make our public comments heard. Let's do exactly that:
Add my name

Jack Shapiro
Director of Policy and Campaigns
Organizing for Action

We help clients understand customer needs and behaviors using our market approach and develop actionable segmentation from the resulting insights. We help clients define the target customer —the area of distinct advantage over competitors—to inform business decisions and investment allocation. We help firms break down barriers to innovation and improve ongoing customer-led product development so their value proposition is differentiated and meets customer needs.
New York, NY Fashion Week Events

Wed, October 4, 2017
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
1750 Tysons Blvd
McLean, VA 22102
United States

Fashion Trends and Trend Forecasting
Fashion Merchandising
Wardrobe Strategies
Body Types: How to Dress to Flatter
History of Fashion

If you are interested in doing 4 trunk shows a year , dressing women for thier special occasion, LOOKING GREAT, earning a few hundred dollars, OR building a 6-figure income... there is an incredible opportunity to make this business exactly what you want it to be.
Start Your Own Fashion Business. Become a Personal Stylist.
New York Film Festival

New York Film Festival
October 2 - 15, 2017
See classics, documentaries, and full-length feature films by the world’s great filmmakers at theNew York Film Festival (NYFF).
“Brasilia: Life after Design”

 Screening of the film “Brasilia: Life after Design”, by Bart Simpson, during the Margaret Mead Film Festival at American Museum of Natural History (AMNH)
 October 19 – 22
Canton Fair Countdown
Architecture and Design month
Architecture and design month
October 2 - 31, 2017
NYC locations
Archtober offers special tours of buildings (some by boat), lectures, films, and exhibitions that help us to appreciate architecture and design in everyday life.

October 14 - 15, 2017
NYC locations
Visit 240 of the city’s architecturally and culturally significant spaces and places (many closed to the public) during Open House New York Weekend. Most locations are free, but many require reservations.

COSTA CONSULTING CO works in the creation of strategic and tactical actions to reach the objectives and results of the business of its customers. We have experience in understanding what we need, what we serve, in addition to pointing out the needs of each client and evaluating the proposals. Therefore, COSTA CONSULTING CO works based on the following fundamentals: knowing what is needed; know how to ask and know how to evaluate the solutions presented. Best Regards
Sula CostaExecutive Director
+ 55 61 3045-6949

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Learn on-the-go with Google 

Google is presenting on the Main Stage at five of the
upcoming Small Business Expos, and you can watch live
from wherever you are.
Check out the topics and dates below, and click the link(s) below to RSVP.

September 21st at 10:30 PT // 1:30 ET: Make Your Website Work for You

October 3rd at 8:30 PT // 11:30 ET: Sharing Your Story Through Video

October 19th at 8:30 PT // 11:30 ET: Grow Your Business Online with Google

October 26th at 7:30 PT // 10:30 ET: Simple Steps to Online Safety

November 9th at 7:30 PT // 10:30 ET: Get Found on Google Search and Maps 


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555 8th Avenue, Suite 909, New York, NY, 10018

Organizing for Action

The numbers are in on Graham-Cassidy -- the Senate's dangerous, last-ditch effort to repeal Obamacare. They're not pretty.

If you're one of the 130 million Americans with a pre-existing condition, you may pay a lot more for your health care.

Call your senator's office and tell them to oppose Obamacare opponent's latest version of repeal.

This isn't a health care bill. It's a devastating threat to millions of Americans.

We've stopped repeal before, and we can do it again. But we have to keep speaking out. Call, call, and keep calling key senators.

Make the call



booth G48

September 29 - October 1, 2017

KIMDAEJUNG Convention Center

An Jung Hwan, Monique Bertina, Maria Chekina,
Nicolas Curmer, Benjamin Duke,
Fusako Ekuni, Kim Joo Ho, Libbet Loughnan,
Gilles Teboul & Ra Da Un
제8회 광주국제아트페어 '아트:광주17'이 9월 28일부터 10월1일까지 김대중컨벤션센터에서 열린다.
올해 아트:광주17은 본전시와 기획전, 특별전, 부대행사, 미술장터로 채워지며 본 전시는 광주지역 갤러리 10곳과 서울 외 기타지역 41곳이 참여하게 된다. 해외갤러리는 중국, 일본, 프랑스, 영국, 미국, 대만 등 6개국에서 18곳이 참여하며 특히 중국 789예술구 중심에 위치한 '양 갤러리'와 프랑스 '프랑수아즈 리비넥' 갤러리가 참여하기로 해 관심을 모으고 있다. 본 전시에서는 개인작가들의 부스도 함께 운영되는데, 올해 행사는 지난해(115명) 20% 가량 늘어난 136명의 작가들이 참여할 예정이다. 
기획전에서는 문인화의 거장 '남농 허건'과 '아산 조방원'의 작품을 감상할 수 있는 자리를 마련했다. 기획전 중 하나로 준비된 '예향공예명품'전에서는 무등산 분청사기, 강진 청자, 옻칠공예와 함께 현대공예작가들이 참여해 전통과 현대를 아우르는 다채로운 남도공예의 품격을 보여줄 계획이다.
지난해 아트광주에서 호응을 얻었던 '민화전'은 올해에도 감상할 수 있을 것으로 보인다. '민화전'을 재기획한 '모란이 피기까지'전은 가회박물관 소장품과 호남민화사랑회 작가들의 작품으로 구성, 민화 고유의 작품세계를 선보일 예정이다.
청년작가들을 위해 매년 기획해 온 '청년작가'전은 지역 및 전국 청년작가 60인을 초대해 진행한다. 11개 도시 초대작가전은 부산시ㆍ대구시ㆍ인천시ㆍ울산시ㆍ대전시ㆍ강원ㆍ경남ㆍ충북ㆍ전북ㆍ전남ㆍ제주 등에서 활동중인 작가들의 작품을 감상할 수 있는 자리다.
이 밖에도 중국 우한시 특별전과 부대행사로 '판화체험''공예체험' 등 다양한 체험행사들이 준비돼 있다.


Private Preview & Vernissage
Thursday, September 28 | 3 pm - 8 pm (by invitation only)

General Admission
Friday, September 29 | 10 am - 8 pm
Saturday, September 30 | 10 am - 8 pm
Sunday, October 1 | 10 am - 6 pm

KIMDAEJUNG Convention Center
Gwangju, South Korea


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75018 Paris, France

from October 1st 2017
66, avenue des Champs-Elysées
75008 Paris, France

tel. +33 (0) 6 61 00 10 33 only via FaceTime, Viber & WhatsApp
email. contact@galeriebrunomassa.com
by appointment from Monday to Friday
11 am - 8 pm

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Economic Observer
Rhetoric Ratchets Up

Overview: Over the past week, the main influences on mortgage rates were an escalation in tensions with North Korea and additional details about a proposed tax reform plan. These had offsetting effects, and mortgage rates ended with little change. 

The rhetoric between the U.S. and North Korea shifted to a higher gear over the past week. On Friday, North Korea threatened to detonate a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific. Then on Monday, North Korean officials said that they interpreted President Trump's weekend comments as a declaration of war. Investors responded to both events by shifting from riskier assets such as stocks to relatively safer assets, including U.S. mortgage-backed securities (MBS). The added demand for MBS caused mortgage rates to decline.

However, the improvement was reversed on Wednesday when President Trump released additional details about a proposed tax plan. If this plan or a similar one is passed, it is expected to boost economic growth and raise the outlook for future inflation. Since higher inflation is negative for mortgage rates, rates moved higher. In addition, the budget deficit is expected to increase under the tax plan. This potential increase in the supply of bonds was also bad for mortgage rates.

In August, sales of newly constructed homes unexpectedly dropped from July to the lowest level since December 2016. According to the Commerce Department, though, the data in Texas and Florida may have been affected by the recent hurricanes. On a more positive note, the inventory of new homes for sale rose to a 6.1-month supply, which was the highest level since July 2014.

Week Ahead

Looking ahead, the core Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) Price Index, the inflation indicator favored by the Fed, will be released on Friday. The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Manufacturing Index will come out on October 2, followed by the ISM Services Index on October 4. The next Employment Report will be released on October 6. Note that any changes in the relationship with North Korea could influence mortgage rates. 

$70 billion! That’s how much mobile digital ad spend is estimated to reach in 2018. In such a fast growing, increasingly competitive market, even the savviest of marketers struggle to optimize for mobile and stay ahead of shifting consumer behaviors.

Don’t fall behind - learn how to make your digital marketing strategy mobile friendly with Wpromote’s latest interactive white paper, 10 Future-Proof Mobile Strategies.
Organizing for Action

Gunshots are loud.

A single shot makes more noise, per decibel, than an airliner taking off. Or a firework exploding. Or a jackhammer chipping away at a sidewalk.

It's that distinctive noise that alerts our police to an active shooter. It helps victims and other innocent bystanders figure out where gunfire is coming from, so they can move to safety. And it gives those who are thinking about firing a gun pause, knowing that it'll draw attention.

It's pretty simple: The noise that guns make helps prevent gun violence ... yet somehow, that's exactly what the gun lobby and their friends in Congress are fighting against with their bill that would allow anyone to buy a gun silencer without so much as a background check.

Join me and Valerie Jarrett, former Senior Advisor to President Obama, on a call this Friday at 11 a.m. EST to talk about this threat to public safety -- and how we can work together to stop it.

The gun lobby claims this bill is meant to protect hunter's hearing, but that's just an excuse. It's nothing more than an effort to drive more sales for corporations who manufacture and sell firearm silencers -- cutting regulations that have been in place for 80 years so that anyone, even criminals and domestic abusers, can get a hold of a silencer, no questions asked.

It defies major law enforcement enforcement organizations, who have come out strongly against it. It defies the majority of Americans who want smart, sensible solutions.

It defies common-sense.

Gabby and I are fighting hard against it, but we need your help. We're thrilled Valerie is joining Friday's call -- and we hope you will, too. Say you're in:

I'm in

Captain Mark Kelly

Co-Founder, Americans for Responsible Solutions

Organizing for Action

Just wanted to make sure you got the details for tomorrow morning's call with Valerie Jarrett, former Senior Advisor to President Obama, and Captain Mark Kelly, co-founder of Americans for Responsible Solutions.

We'll be talking about the SHARE Act, a bill supported by the gun lobby that could make gun silencers available to anyone -- including criminals and domestic abusers -- without a background check. On the call, we'll be going over ways we can stop this disastrous bill from becoming law.

Here are the details:

What: SHARE Act briefing call with special guests Valerie Jarrett and Mark Kelly

When: Friday, September 22, 11 a.m. ET

If it becomes law, the SHARE Act may put our safety at risk. It's up to all of us to get involved in pushing back against it, and that starts with getting on tomorrow's call.