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"Deus não é como os homens, que mentem; não é um ser humano, que muda de idéia. Quando foi que Deus prometeu e não cumpriu? Ele diz que faz e faz mesmo" (Números 23:19).

                                             Um pouquinho de Goias...
                              Eu, Jamile e Tamine El Hajj

De Pernas Pro Ar 2

Elenco: Ingrid Guimarães, Maria Paula, Bruno Garcia, Eriberto Leão

Sinopse: Alice (Ingrid Guimarães) agora é uma empresária bem-sucedida, que continua trabalhando muito mas

 sem deixar de lado o prazer sexual. Ela está bastante atarefada devido à abertura da primeira filial de sua sex

 shop em Nova York, ao lado da sócia Marcela (Maria Paula). Seu grande objetivo é levar para a América um

 produto erótico inédito, o que faz com que ela fique bastante estressada. Até que, durante a festa de 

comemoração pela 100ª loja SexDelícia no Brasil, Alice tem um surto devido ao excesso de trabalho. Ela é 

internada em um spa comandado pela rígida Regina (Alice Borges), onde conhece várias pessoas que buscam

 controlar suas obsessões e ansiedades.

The White HouseThursday, February 14, 2013
Tune in at 4:50 ET
This morning, we asked for your response to the State of the Union. In just a few hours,President Obama is going to sit down with a group of Americans for a conversation about that speech and his plan to create jobs and strengthen the middle class.
And you should watch it live:
WHAT: President Obama's Hangout
WHEN: February 14, 4:50 p.m. ET
The President will talk to Americans from all over the country in a Google+ Hangout. He'll also take and answer questions that people like you have submitted and voted for.
It should be a great conversation, so be sure to tune in.
Stay Connected

The White House, Washington

Hello --
On Tuesday, President Obama delivered his State of the Union Address. He was talking to Congress, but there's someone he especially wanted to speak to:
That’s why we created Citizen Response -- a new tool that lets you to tell President Obama and his advisers what you thought of his plan to create jobs and build a strong middle class.
In fact, Americans from all over the country have given us their responses. They sat down with President Obama's speech, read through it line by line, and highlighted the ideas that resonated with them. People like you are telling us why the President's proposals matter to their communities.
It's an incredible thing. And you should be part of it.
The responses we've already seen are powerful stuff.
We heard from a veteran named Jason, who said, "I went to college using the GI Bill and was able to buy a home using the VA Home Loan. Please continue to give veterans the benefits they deserve and give them more help for transitioning out of the military back into civilian life."
We heard from a guy named Matt, who told us that he liked what he heard about the minimum wage. "The only way we can bring this country and this economy back to being 'great' again," he said, "is if we can have a more rational benchmark for pay."
Others have said that they support President Obama's call for high-quality preschool for every child. Others have said that it's time for a vote to help reduce gun violence.
This week, the President is on the road talking with people across the country about the State of the Union, but let me tell you what we're doing with stories like yours.
We're crunching the numbers, compiling your feedback, and putting a presentation together to update senior White House staff.
And soon, we're going to share your stories with President Obama so that he has a chance to hear your voices for himself.
So make sure you watch Tuesday's enhanced State of the Union and give us your Citizen Response. You have no idea how important it is: