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"Há três espécies de mentiras: mentiras, mentiras deslavadas e estatísticas."( Cansada de tanta mentira, abusos, e roubalheiras, e tbm de gente medíocre!)

The White House, Washington

Good afternoon,
Today, I was in Michigan. Yesterday, it was Colorado and Nevada. Before that, it was Iowa and Arizona. The day after I delivered my State of the Union Address to Congress, I took off to connect with ordinary Americans around the country, talk more about our Blueprint for an America Built to Last, and get some feedback.
That's why I'm writing you.
On Monday we're going to do something a little different. At 5:30 p.m. ET, I'll walk into the Roosevelt Room across the hall from the Oval Office, take a seat, and kick-off the first-ever completely virtual town hall from the White House.
All week, people have been voting on questions and submitting their own, and a few of them will join me for a live chat.
This is going to be an exciting way to talk about the steps that we need to take together at this make-or-break moment for the middle class.
We have to foster a new era for American manufacturing -- rewarding companies for keeping jobs here at home and eliminating tax breaks for those who ship jobs overseas. We have to invest in homegrown energy in the United States -- starting with an all-out, all-of-the-above energy strategy that's cleaner, cheaper, and full of new jobs. We have to build an economy that works for everyone -- where every hard working American gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and the rules are the same from top to bottom.
I'm ready to get started, but I know you have questions and ideas for ways to help. So let's hear them:
President Barack Obama

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O sarcasmo e a demência

Um grupo de cientistas da Universidade da Califórnia divulgou hoje que a incapacidade de detectar sarcasmo e mentiras pode ser um dos primeiros sinais da deterioração cerebral, provocada por algumas doenças, que leva à demência. A descoberta pode ajudar no diagnóstico dessas pessoas mais cedo, segundo os pesquisadores, melhorando as possibilidades de tratamento.
Para o estudo, os cientistas trabalharam com 175 pessoas, mostrando vídeos de conversas – algumas sinceras e outras não – e avaliando se eles conseguiam perceber quais eram as afirmações sarcásticas.
Agora, os fãs de sitcoms com certeza pensaram neste exemplo de alguém que não sabe identificar sarcasmo em português aqui (infelizmente, não é possível embedar)

Fonte : O Estadão

sexta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2012

Sossega, coração! Não desesperes! Talvez um dia, para além dos dias, Encontres o que queres porque o queres. Então, livre de falsas nostalgias, Atingirás a perfeição de seres. (Fernando Pessoa)

Watch the State of the Union with Us
On Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. ET, President Obama will give a State of the Union address to Congress. He'll talk about where we find ourselves as a nation and lay out his agenda for the year ahead.
At the White House, David Plouffe -- a senior advisor to the President -- sat down to talk about the speech and how you can get involved.
SOTU Preview
To make sure you're getting the most out of the speech, we're also putting together an enhanced version of the State of the Union that you'll be able to watch as President Obama speaks. The enhanced version will be available at so be sure to tune in Tuesday at 9:00 p.m.
As the President outlines his goals for 2012, we'll pull out key facts and important data -- and go deeper to give you additional information.
This speech will be a big moment, and we hope you'll watch it with us. Learn more from David Plouffe, and don’t forget to tune in Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. ET.

This is an INSPIRING WEEK!  63 Canadian Musicians are taking the Music Success in Nine Weeks Blogging Challenge in celebration of the release of V3 of my book!  And all of them are setting GOALS  which leads me to todays feature article just for you!
It’s confronting and challenging and some of you think it’s cheesy but…  here is an Excerpt from my book that might motivate you to DO THIS
An Astounding Fact—ONLY 3 PERCENT
Only 3 percent of all people have their long-term goals written down. And it has been proven that by simply writing down your goals, you are much more likely to achieve them.
I Repeat—Just By Completing This Exercise, You Are MUCH More Likely to Achieve Your Goals. 
So go ahead….  I dare you :-)

Jason Loomis
(212) 239-8384

In This Issue:
  1. Where's Ariel? In NYC - Celebrating The Release of V3 of Music Success in 9 week!
  2. Feature – Musicians Guide to Setting and Achieving Goals for 2012
  3. On The Blogs – The Music Success in 9 Weeks Blog Challenge V3 is ON with 63 Canadian Artists Participating!
  4. Music Success in 9 Weeks V3 - OUT NOW 
Where's Ariel?
I’m in freezing NYC celebrating the release of  V3 my signature system Music Success in 9 Weeks!
I will be throwing a book party for readers at the end of March – stay tuned for that invutation here in NYC.

Feature: Musicians Guide to Setting and Achieving Goals for 2012
By Ariel Hyatt
The last half of 2011 was intense for a lot of us.  The financial news across the world remained bleak, Occupy Wall Street was all over the news as the 99% spoke up to be heard.
The music business continued to take hits with Spotify’s arrival and news of more layoffs at record labels, management companies as we all scratched our heads to blog about positive things and good outcomes
Many of you may have seen this article (or another one) on setting goals as they crop up at this time of year.
It’s a new year and a clear slate is in front of all of us. The turning of the calendar from 2011 to 2012 is an ideal time to set your goals. I see a marked difference between artists who set finite goals and those who do not regardless of what is happening in the world and in the news.
Ask yourself: Is this the year I want to make a difference for my music career?  And if so – what difference and how?
Think of goal setting as if you were driving in a foreign place – You wouldn’t get where you expect to go without a clear set of directions. Goal setting is like drawing a map for yourself.
This article is designed to assist you in creating a personal roadmap for achieving what you would like with your musical career this year, whether you consider music your hobby and you do it part time or you are making a living out of it full-time.
I have included a few links from some of the best musician related posts on how to think about and achieve goals as well.  So, bookmark this long article and refer to it throughout the year!
On The Blogs: The Music Success in 9 Weeks Blog Challenge V3 is ON with 63 Canadian Artists Participating!  Come cheer them on!

Here are some of the links to their first posts:
  1. 3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Goal Setting
  2. Mao's Blog: Welcome Family To My First Blog
  3. Tucker, You Do Know That Goals Aren't Tasks, Don't You
  4. Goalmaking Vs. Goalkeeping
  5. Music Success in 9 Weeks Blogging Challenge!
  6. A Blog a Week Makes the Songwriter Speak
Music Success in 9 Weeks V3 - OUT NOW
I’m thrilled!  It has a new cover, it’s now 226 pages, and there is a whole NEW week that focuses fully on YouTube! All sections have been completely revamped and it’s $5 less than last years price!  
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